Help transitioning employees succeed and keep those remaining, engaged & committed.

Restructuring is never easy

You’ve perfected the art of employee onboarding —but the way you say goodbye is just as important. Getting it right isn’t just better for the people leaving—it’s better for the team left behind. It will even boost your reputation in the wider world.

Your people know that organizations are constantly restructuring and transformations happen, often shifting or eliminating roles. If you’re open and let your employees know how you will support them through their career transitions, even redundancies can become opportunities—for them and you.

We help parting colleagues make a fresh start faster. Our career transition services cover personal assessments, coaching, upskilling courses, branding, interview preparation and even onboarding once they land their new job. We tailor it to your people and put it all in one platform.

But the thing that really sets us apart from other outplacement services is our experience in talent acquisition and supporting people with their careers. We work with tens of thousands of companies globally—connections we call on to introduce your leaving employees to the best hiring managers for them.

So, they find new work faster and can serve as an advocate for their former employment experience at your company. Just as importantly, the employees who stay will have a greater sense of job security and loyalty, driving higher productivity and retention.

At Kandil Consulting Group, we believe in tailored solutions to fit organisational need and the needs of the outplaced and transitioning employees

We offer comprehensive outplacement services that your exiting employees can access to help them through their career transition.

We work with organisations to provide outplacement or career transition services following corporate or large-scale redundancies, restructures or downsizing. Employers may pick and choose from our available outplacement or career transition services depending on your employees’ needs.

However, because from experience there are many similarities in needs, we also provide structured universal programs the broadly cater for 4 main categories of employee levels:

  • Operational Employees
  • Executive level
  • Director Level
  • C-Suite level

Outplacement training sessions can be provided on the following subjects:

  • Tips for moving on from a retrenchment or redundancy
  • How to plan your job hunt strategy
  • How to identify what positions will suit you
  • How to identify which positions you wish to apply for
  • How to search in today’s recruitment market using multimedia tools
  • How to tailor your cover letter to a specific role
  • How to complete a resume
  • What information is essential to your resume
  • Tips for interview success
  • How to predict what type of interview questions you will be asked using a role description
  • How to predict what type of interview questions you will be asked using a job advertisement
  • What types of questions should you ask in an interview?
  • What to take to an interview?
  • How to present at an interview
  • Who to put forward as a suitable referee

Other Career Transition Management services include:

  • Resume review and advice (per employee)
  • Cover letter/ job application review (per employee)
  • LinkedIn profile review and advice: how to increase your chances of securing a role by using LinkedIn
  • Interview skills coaching workshop
  • Job search techniques workshop: job search strategy & online job searching
  • Dedicated support from a qualified career coach
  • One-on-one interview preparation support
  • Post-interview support – how to obtain feedback when unsuccessful in an interview
  • How to negotiate your remuneration

Executive Outplacement program- Targeted at subcaterories:

The Kandil Consulting- Executive Outplacement Program is a three-month multi-pronged approach to finding your executives and staff the type of employment they truly desire. This program runs over a 3-month period, of the date chosen by the candidate.

The program helps executives overcome challenges and builds their confidence in moving into their next career chapter. Outcomes by the end of the three months are:

  • Creation of a resume that accurately reflects achievements and which targets roles suitable to the executive
  • Clarity over the direction the executive wishes to take
  • A recruitment search that is relevant to the needs and wants of the executive
  • An understanding of the hidden job market and how to utilise connections

All of the above are developed with personalised consideration of each executive’s own situation. A Kandil Consulting expert will be dedicated to the program and provide individual attention by coaching, guiding, and supporting the executive through the program. The Kandil Consulting contact will tap into Kandil Consulting opportunities by liaising with Kandil Consulting- Executive Recruitment Consultants throughout the program.

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