Recruitment needs are seldom constant!!!

Clients and employers will see increased and decreased need for new talent at different times during the year, depending on seasonal work or if they have a special or specific need for talent for a particular project.

This can present companies with a quandary – how do they ensure that they have the bandwidth and resources to get the talent and support they need during times of high demand, but avoid the cost of having those resources stand idle during the slower times?

Kandil Consulting Grp’s– Contracting & Fixed Term appointments is a solution to this problem. By partnering with Kandil-On-Demand for contracting and Fixed Term contracts, companies can ramp up or slow down the process at any time.

Kandil Consulting Grp’s – Contracting & Fixed Term hiring extends across multidisciplinary industry sectors, like finance, life sciences, consumer, healthcare, technology, resource sector and beyond.

Reason’s for Contracting & Fixed Term through Kandil-On-Demand:

  • Finite term project work

  • Maternity Leave and similar leave short term appointments

  • Missing certain skills required for the short or defined term

  • Peak workload period or seasonal spikes in workload

Benefits for Contracting & Fixed Term through Kandil-On-Demand:

  • Only pay for resources as you need them, saving unnecessary costs.

  • Contracts can be either fixed or open ended

  • For as long or as short as you need

  • Replace high skill/high cost with a low cost “on demand” workforce

  • Kandil-On-Demand contracting spans Australia Wide.

Kandil-On-Demand contracting services is highly responsive and offers the same level of deep strategic executive search tools utilised in the permanent executive talent search area.

Let’s discuss your upcoming contracting needs…