As the strategic hubs of organisations, it is the primary task of Boards to ensure the ensure the enduring prosperity and governance of the companies they drive. In today’s competitive global marketplace, Boards are running strategic and operational marathons, increasingly in the spotlight and challenged by a share and stakeholder groups whom have never been more informed, demanding and vocal.

Board Nominations Committees have widened their scope: from preserving a traditional inner circle of familiar candidates, to acting as an expert and objective human capital interface. One that also has a firm grip on technology and innovation.

Yet the reality for most Boards is different:

Under growing global market pressure and competition, organisations are repositioning for growth and globalisation, and in so doing, many are facing serious governance questions for the first time. Their task is complicated by regulatory developments whose pace and form differs by geography, ownership type, listed status and, in some countries, sector. Further dilemmas surround the transfer of leadership from family or founding members to external professionals, or structural tensions pitching centralisation versus decentralisation.

As a consequence of mounting pressure on Boards from shareholder expectations to increasingly complex regulatory frameworks, there has never been a more important time to ensure robust expert external consultancy with respect to Board search, Board evaluation and Board advisory.

As such, the transformative opportunities for Boards have never been greater. Kandil Consulting Grp Board Search & Board Advisory services is well placed to ensure independent, strategic and robust advisorship.

Our Expertise

As an executive search firm, we at Kandil Consulting Grp, work to assure the design and implementation of diverse, forward looking and connected Boards. We act as Trusted Advisor to the Executive, Supervisory and Advisory Boards of dynamic organisations across a spectrum of industries.

Kandil Consulting Grp global Board Services Practice works along three interconnected lines:

  1. Appointments (Chairs, Independent Directors, Advisory Boards, Committees)
  2. Board Evaluation
  3. Board Advisory / Board Effectiveness

Our Process

  • Uncover gaps in the skills, experience, demographic, and cognitive diversity of the current Board

  • Identify management strengths to build upon

  • Examine requirements for new demographic profiles, specialist and technical skillsets

  • Integrate fast-evolving governance requirements and organisational strategy

  • Identifies, assesses, and presents Leaders For What’s Next – Board members who can flex to evolving strategic and operating environments across borders.

Key Considerations: (particularly in the search for Independent Directors, these are often an afterthought):

    • Can s/he anticipate the scale and complexity of strategic and operational risks?
    • Can s/he demonstrate the confidence and courage to prosecute an argument against prevailing thought.
    • Act as a respected catalyst, contributing in a fresh and relevant way to Board discussions
    • Constructively challenge traditions, assumptions or bias?
    • Guides the design and implementation of the on-boarding process

From a single Board appointment search to Board composition and appointment Kandil Consulting Grp has the expertise and tools to assist across the spectrum of advisory Board needs.

In addition to optimising existing Boards, Kandil Consulting Grp, helps start-up organisations to set up Boards that fit their core business and aims and are compliant with governance standards.

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