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Kandil Consulting Group has been empowering clients to achieve growth and success in the face of challenges confronting their businesses, for more than fifteen years.

The foundation of your organisation rests in its core values and your understanding of your business and industry environment. But in today’s complex and competitive environment, the need and ability to adapt and change organisational strategies, processes and people, demands speed, quality and insight. Kandil services provide real value to clients in these areas to help clients realise immediate and future goals and to achieve business success and a sustained competitive advantage.

The Kandil framework provides strategic analysis, design and development across a broad range of services and consistently delivers with insight, innovation and integrity.


With a growing footprint across Asia Pacific, Kandil continues to work with organisations across diverse industries in talent attraction, development and retention through a range of HR, RPO and BPO solutions.

Our services include:

Talent Strategy Consulting

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RPO Solutions, Service Level Agreements

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Recruitment,Outplacement and Career Management

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HR/Payroll Services, Reporting Management Systems

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Unlocking Your Business Potential Starts With A Conversation

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